25 January 2017
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Belle Hawk: creative evolution

25 Jan 2017

Tell us about your business and current work.

My sister, Bee and I launched Belle Hawk in November 2014. We were both stay-at-home mothers with a tribe of children five years and under. We wanted to add another dimension to our lives and cut a path back into the design and commercial worlds in which we had previously worked. After the birth of her second child, Bee stepped back from the day-to-day Belle Hawk business so is now a silent partner.


Belle Hawk launched with screen-printed homewares in plywood and linen. I started painting last year and we’ve since added original artworks to the business. We have some exciting new painted ply art pieces that I am currently working on, and new textile prints in the pipeline.

How do you incorporate Resene products and paint into your work?

I started using Resene paints for screen-printing on our plywood storage boxes. I love the colour range and that I can experiment with small amounts before committing to a colour palette. We can also custom colour-match our ply prints to client’s interiors where they’ve used Resene colours on their walls.

I used Karen Walker Paints from Resene as the basis for my first painting collection. 

 How has the style of your pieces evolved?

Belle Hawk's design and art pieces have evolved from a minimal Scandi look to a collection that is richer, more confident and uniquely our own. 
I now select a colour palette using Resene testpots that underpins my entire new collection. I paint and screenprint on canvas, paper and linen using Resene paints and textile inks. To these I often add oil paint, indian ink and watercolour. My paintings are becoming larger in scale and generally more abstracted.

What has influenced your work?

I lived in Barcelona for five years working as a freelance textile designer. Working from an atelier in the old city was stunning, hugely inspiring and had a profound impact on me. Now it’s all about the view from my home studio in Nelson, my three children and the local landscape captured in fleeting shots on my iPhone. Also fashion colour palettes: Marimekko; German artist Emil Nolde...


 Do you have a favourite piece?

‘Arabella’s Garden’ abstract painting on canvas (above right). It was a watershed moment for me. The painting was inspired by the view from my studio into our garden and by my niece, Bee’s eldest daughter who is bursting with enthusiasm and light.

And a favourite colour?

Resene Tuscany made me gasp in delight when I opened that little pot! Resene Kelp is another favourite that I’ve used in several of my latest works.

I love the Karen Walker Paints palettes for their sophistication.