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To the art studio of Georgina Hoby Scutt in Nelson , NZ.

Georgie works across a range of media - painting on linen, canvas, plywood and paper; screen printing, collage and illustration.
Informed by her print design background, Georgie develops distinctive colour palettes that underpin each body of work. She instinctively puts unexpected colours together, paints with broad expressive brushstrokes and draws with a random, loose energy.

" I am profoundly inspired by my years working in Barcelona and the rich energy that pervades the air there. I study painters Matisse, Kirchner and Kandinsky among others and abstract expressionism. I have a working background in fashion & printed textile design. I drink in the beautiful landscape that surrounds me at home in New Zealand. It all comes out in the paintings."

BA, BComm  University of Otago
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